Drukmo Dragon

Drukmo the Dragon

Drukmo, the company, started out as Karma Rucci, a small mala-making enterprise developed by a Buddhist practitioner and follower of the Dalai Lama, who had moved to Crestone in order to help build the Tashi Gomang Stupa.  In 2004, Karma Rucci changed ownership.  The new owner of Karma Rucci was Harriet Campbell and her primary employee was Mary Ann Flood.  During the purchase consideration process they learned the details involved in crafting malas and were impressed with quality of materials and care that Maria, the original owner, invested in her products. Harriet and Mary Ann decided to change the business name to something more personally significant and chose Drukmo for the meaning and symbolism.  Drukmo comes from Druk which is Tibetan for dragon, and mo which makes the word feminine.  So these two dragon ladies felt that the name was a good representation of their aim to have a livelihood that is auspicious and beneficial to others. Harriet and Mary Ann in partnership with Harriet’s husband, Jim, have continued in the tradition of providing quality products and personal service from authentic Buddhist practitioners.